Student Research Colloquium

FY - 2005 Student Research Awards


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Blommel, Marie; Tamaki, Tomo & Hanson, Eric Heiko Schoenfuss Biomedical Sciences and Ecology Altruistic Parenting as an Evolutionary Strategy
Boentje, John Mikhail Blinnikov Geographic Information Sciences Analyzing Growth and Impact of Impervious Surfaces in Moscow, Russia
Bushkofsky, Justin Mohamh Mahroof-Tahir Biotechnology, Chemistry Synthesis and Characterization of Vanadium Flavonoid Coordination Compounds
Curtin, Michael Lawrence Matthew Julius Ecology and Natural Resources Evolutionary Patterns and Rates for Three Diatom Species
De Miguel Garijo, Carmen Oladele Gazal Cell and Molecular Biology Motilin Stimulates in Vitro Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone Secretion in Female and Male Rats
Dwenger, Thomas; Schlangen, Derrick & Yasgar, Cory Aiping Yao Electrical Engineering Keyless, Wireless Entry and Logging System
Flint, Aaron Russell Lidberg Physics, Mathematics The Use of Degenerate Four-Wave Mixing to Monitor the Optical Properties of Doped Conjugated Polymers
Galzki, Jacob Michner Bender Environmental Studies Analysis of Nutrient Loading and Fecal Coliform Contamination of the Sauk River (St. Cloud, MN)
Ghose, Shourjo Lakshmaiah Sreerama Biotechnology Differential Gene Expression in Parent and Drug Resistant Tumor Cells: A Genomic Analysis Study
Iverson, Theresa Matthew Julius Biomedical Science Correlating the Appearance of Pioneer Gobioid Fish Species with Pacific Island Formation Using Molecular Clock Techniques
Kabata, Faith Mohammad Mahroof-Tahir Biochemistry Synthesis and Characterization of Vanadium Flavonoid Coordination Compounds
Koch, Jason Heiko Schoenfuss MS Cell and Molecular Biology Education as Environmental Stewardship: Developing Inquiry-Based Learning Modules for High School Science Teachers
Kronland, William J. Marco Restani Ecology and Natural Resources Effects of Post-Fire Salvage Logging on Vertebrate Communities in Southeastern Montana
Magnusson, Corley Kim Schulze Applied Behavior Analysis The Use of Video Modeling to Teach Play Skills to Children with Autism
Maxwell, Kate Michner Bender Environmental Studies Amino Sugar Nitrogen Leachate Study
Marine, Sasha Lakshmaiah Sreerama Biotechnology & Biochemistry Breast Carcinoma Resistance to Ottelione A: Translocation and/or Over-Expression of MAD1 and MAD2 Proteins
McCarthy, Clara Marco Restani Ecology and Natural Resources Use of Habitat Selection Models to Assist Conservation: Ferruginous and Swainson's Hawk Nesting Ecology in North Dakota
Motschke, Lisa & Gahlon, Hailey Mark Mechelke Biomedical Sciences The Synthesis of Novel FPTase Inhibitors Incorporating Aromatic Rings
Salad, Mohammed Lakshmaiah Sreerama Biochemistry (ACS approved) Detoxification of Chloroacetaldehyde by Class 9 Aldehyde Dehydrogenase (Aldh9a1) Present in Human Kidney
Siddani, Raghu Veer & Deters, Travis Mana Komai Economics Leadership and Credibility in Groups
Stachowski, Alicia John Kulas Psychology Affective Applicant Reactions to Selection Procedure Duration and Outcome
Storlien, Joe Michner Bender Environmental Studies Lawn Turf Response to Soil Amino Sugar Nitrogen Concentration 
Swingley, Lucas Mohammad Mahroof-Tahir Biochemistry Potential Anti-Diabetic Properties of Vanadium-Flavonoid Complexes
Vincent, Jordan C. Mohammad Mahroof-Tahir Chemistry-ACS approved Hydrothermal Synthesis and Characterization of Metal-Organic Complexes with Emphasis on Vanadium-Flavonoid Complexes
Williams, Dean W. Jeffrey Mullins History James Wilson's Contribution to the Federal Convention of 1787
Worden, Danielle Mark Mechelke Chemistry-ACS The Design and Synthesis of a Chiral RAS Farnesyl Protein Transferase Inhibitor
Yost, Chad Mikhail Blinnikov M.S. Geography Phytolith Evidence for Presence, Abundance and Paleodistribution of Wild Rice (Zizania sp.) from Northeastern MN Lake Sediments
Zheng, Jixiang David Bacharach Exercise Physiology Comparisons of Single and Multi-Probe NIRS Signals During Progressive Treadmill Exercise






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