Student Parent Support/Bridge to Community Resources


About the program:

I think everything you  are doing is working, and you have the growing numbers to prove it.  I am  happy to do what I can to help.  I think it has really helped my students,  and I have less emails and crisis calls to prove it.
-- Paula, Social Work Professor

It helps my morale immensely when  I sit down and hear other parents talk about having the same struggles with  time and divided attention and how those problems affect their families. It  makes me feel like less of a failure to know I am not the only one struggling  to keep up with it all. 
-- Karley

It's wonderful to see SCSU be so supportive of  students with children! Keep up the great work in supporting students with  families!
-- Erin

I would like to thank you for all of the information and  support that you provide parents here at SCSU. It is great to know that we are  supported.
--  Alisha

I  miss the program so much, it allows me time to talk with others who are in the  same situation, and other parents that are juggling children and school at the  same time! I think of it as a free time, or a time to get away! Which is always  nice! And the  scholarship has helped so much with supporting  Kaidence and trying to handle school at the same time! 
-- Katelyn

About the events:

I'm so excited for this bowling event.  We had a great time last time  we came.  Thank you SO much for organizing these great family  activities!
-- Jen

My  family and I are so excited to attend the bowling event on Thursday! I am so happy SCSU does  this. You guys do a great job at setting up events! Thank you!!
-- Wendy

This is awesome that you have these events.  I look  forward to taking part in the future.
-- Amy

Its wonderful to see SCSU be so  supportive of students with children… keep up the great work in supporting  students with families!
 -- Erin

I wanted to  write to you and the organization about how happy I am that you put programs on  like bowling and movie nights. I am married and have 3 little boys.  With working full time and going to school full time, I don't get a lot of  time with them, let alone go out because its expensive. The things you guys are  doing with non-traditional students is something that not only I, but my family  will remember in the upcoming years because of the time we get to spend doing  fun things. Thanks again and I am looking forward to continuing my  participation in the different events you guys hold and hope you keep this  going for years to come!
 -- Trent

About the resources:

The Student Parent Support Group at St. Cloud State is a necessity. It has helped me look at situations in life different by seeing/hearing sides that offer a fresh outlook on my own  parenting style.  After group, I walk out  and continue to think about topics, and then those turn into some of my papers  I do for research in some of my classes.  I had been trying to figure out college and  this campus alone.  When I sought out  information at the child care center on campus, I was given Amanda Toppe’s name,  and from that moment on she has helped by pointing me in little directions that  have had HUGE effects in my life.  She helped  me find child care grants and fun, cheap things to do with my 3 year old.  She offers activities where I get to know  other student parents which is nice, because we all generally have a familiar  understanding of how extremely hard college is, especially being a parent.  The healthy food they make in group is always  great, and I have made a lot of them at home.  SPSG has taken a lot of stress of my  shoulders.  Speakers are brought in from  services around campus, and I have used many now that I never would have known  about before.  I have used Legal Services.   SPSG told me SCSU students get a half  hour of free legal aid.  Now I am getting  money back, and I received more  advice and help about fighting to keep my son.  I’m very grateful for the SPSG at SCSU!!!
-- Capri

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