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Mary Beth Wedum Single Parent Scholarship

In the spirit of stewardship and generosity exemplified by John A. Wedum, the J.A. Wedum Foundation seeks to change and improve people’s lives by making education more accessible to single parents. 

Mary Beth Wedum was an SCSU alumnus, attending college as a single mother.  She knew the challenges single parents face in trying to improve their lives and the lives of their children.  From this personal experience came the Mary Beth Wedum Single Parent Scholarship.

Scholarship Application Information:

  • Students must be single parents attending SCSU to qualify. 
  • Applications are due Spring Semester. Due date will be updated soon.
  • Student must follow and complete all steps in the application process to be considered.
  • Award amount and distribution varies.  Typically, the award is divided over two semesters, Fall & Spring. 

Application & Acceptance Process:

Single Parent SCSU students are able to apply for the Mary Beth Wedum Single Parent Scholarship starting Nov. 1st of the academic year.  The Scholarship funds are applied to the students account the following academic year.  Students will need to complete the entire online application and submit their application by April 1st, 2015.

It is very important to note that students will be informed of their scholarship status by the end of the Spring Semester.  All students who are awarded the Mary Beth Wedum Single Parent Scholarship are REQUIRED to complete a thank you note that is sent to the J.A. Wedum Foundation for making these funds available to single parents here at SCSU.  Each Fall Semester a Mary Beth Wedum Single Parent Scholarship Banquette is held to recognize all of the Scholarship Recipients.  The Mary Beth Wedum Single Parent Scholarship Banquette information is made available to the students who are selected for the scholarship via personal invitation.  Please be mindful to be checking your student email for information related to your scholarship status, thank you note, and the Fall Banquette announcements.   

How to Apply:

1) Complete:

Online Application at the following link:

  1. Login with SCSU Student Star ID Information
  2. Click on: Apply for Huskies Scholarships (general application)
    1. You MUST first Complete the General Application
  3. Click on: Top Menu Bar Drop-down Button: Opportunities.  Then select: Ours.
  4. Search by Keyword: Mary Beth Wedum Single Parent Scholarship
  5. Then Click on Red Apply Button next to the scholarship listing
  6. Complete the Application, Answer the Personal Statement Questions, and Upload an unofficial transcript (for new/incoming students include your SCSU acceptance letter).   
  • Notes:
    • Typed Personal statement letter: Please take the time to have your personal letter reviewed and edited prior to copy and pasting/submitting your application.
    • You can save and edit your scholarship as many times as you need until it is complete and ready for final submission.