School of Education


ED Talks

Professional Learning Series

What It Is

An opportunity for undergraduate and graduate education majors and students interested in teaching to come together with interested faculty, staff, and P-12 teachers to network, collaborate, and explore various educational topics. ED Talks are sponsored by the St. Cloud State University School of Education and the Ignite Center.

These FREE Sessions Will Help You To:

  • Build teacher leadership skills
  • Develop your professional identity
  • Network with current and future educators
  • Enhance your resume with professional learning
  • Gain knowledge you can put to use right away

Session Structure

  1. Organized Networking
  2. Presentation or Information Shared
  3. Small Group Discussion

Featured Topics 2017-2018

  • Building Relationships - Sept. 6
  • Teacher Panel - Oct. 11
  • Technology Integration - Nov. 14
  • Working with Students in Trauma and Stress Management - Dec. 5
  • Social-Emotional Resiliency - Jan. 17
  • Cultural Competency - Feb. 20
  • Career Preparation - March 21
  • Celebration of Learning - April 17

Time and Location

4:30-6:00pm in Voyageurs North in Atwood