School of Education - Accreditation Self-Study Report

Standard 6: Unit Leadership and Authority


The Teacher Education Unit (TEU) at SCSU is the administrative body charged by the President with the primary responsibility of overseeing and coordinating all teacher and school professional licensures, including both initial and advanced preparation programs. The TEU provides broad leadership and standard guidelines to ensure the delivery of high quality programs that prepare effective teachers for P-12 schools (Exhibit 6.4.a.1). The Dean of the School of Education serves as the Unit Head. Our Teacher Education Unit was reaffirmed by the Provost in June 2014, at which time a position was created to coordinate K-12 & Secondary Education, under the supervision of the Dean of the School of Education. This position will help improve communication among the secondary methods instructors and address concerns of inclusion and consistency between content and professional education faculty (Exhibits 6.4.b.4; 6.4.b.5).


In addition to the academic units within the Teacher Education Unit, the Dean of the School of Education oversees the following support programs: Office of Clinical Experience, Student Services Office, Teacher Preparation Initiative, Confucius Institute, Co-Teaching Academy, Curriculum and Technology Center, and Office of Assessment and Accreditation (Exhibits 6.4.b.1a; 6.4.b.1b; 6.4.b.2; 6.4.b.3a; 6.4.b.3b).


Recruitment & Admissions:  The unit has an on-going recruitment program designed to attract high-quality candidates of diverse backgrounds and experiences (Exhibits 6.4.d.6).  Institutional electronic publications such as catalogs, calendars and hard copy materials are regularly monitored for accuracy (Exhibits 6.4.e.1&26.4.e.3; 6.4.e.4).  The Unit maintains a rigorous admission standard to which all programs must adhere. While programs have the autonomy to require even higher admission standards to meet the expectations of their own specialized professional associations, no program is permitted to establish admission standards that are below those established by the Unit (Exhibit 6.4.d.2).


Student Services & Support: At SCSU, three levels of student support are provided on a regular and systematic basis. The first level of advice, guidance and mentoring is provided by academic departments. Every program provides academic advising for their candidates. Candidates are assigned a faculty mentor who meets with them prior to registration each semester. The second level of student support involves the Office of Student Services where academic and dispositional progress of students is closely monitored, supported and documented. The third level of student support offered at the university level includes an Academic Learning Center, Student Disability Services, Counseling and Psychological Services, and Student Health Services (Exhibit 6.4.c.1; 6.4.c.2).   


Collaboration with P-12 Practitioners: Faculty and staff in the Teacher Education Unit regularly collaborate with colleagues across the university, P-12 personnel (teachers and administrators), and community stakeholders. Collaborative activities include: regular meetings to plan and implement improved practices P-16, co-taught courses, shared professional development, and workshops for novice teachers. Additionally, our faculty, staff and students regularly interact with P-12 personnel through field experiences and student teaching/practicum placements locally, nationally, and globally. University supervisors, cooperating teachers, and the Office of Clinical Experience (OCE) collaborate to provide the services teacher candidates need to ensure success in the field.