School of Education - Accreditation Self-Study Report

Standard 5: Exhibits

5.4.a - Data table on qualifications of professional education faculty

  • 5.4.a.1      Faculty Qualifications (Password Required)
  • 5.4.a.2      Instructional Strategies
  • 5.4.a.3      Diversity Curriculum Components by Program
  • 5.4.a.4      Diversity Proficiencies 2014

5.4.b - Data table on qualifications of clinical faculty

  • 5.4.b.1      School Faculty Data

5.4.c - Policies and practices to assure clinical faculty meet unit expectations

  • 5.4.c.1      Clinical Faculty Qualifications

5.4.d - Policies, expectations, and samples of faculty scholarly activities

  • 5.4.d.1      Summary Analysis of Scholarship
  • 5.4.d.2      Faculty Scholarly Work - Pound Schmitt Campbell GSA Paper (Password Required)
  • 5.4.d.3      Faculty Scholarly Work - Hofmann - Rethinking Cinco de Mayo (Password Required)
  • 5.4.d.4      Faculty Scholarly Work - Subrahmanyan - A Multi-Disciplinary Analysis of Intensive Undergraduate Research (Password Required)
  • 5.4.d.5      Faculty Scholarly Work - Strom - Communication Reports Article (Password Required)
  • 5.4.d.6      Faculty Scholarly Work - Baker Hoover - Bullying and Suicide (Password Required)

5.4.e - Summary of faculty service and collaborative activities in schools (e.g., collaborative project with school faculty, teacher professional development, and addressing the needs of low performing schools) and with the professional community (e.g., grants, evaluations, task force participation, provision of professional
development, offering courses, etc.)

  • 5.4.e.1      Faculty Membership in Professional Organizations
  • 5.4.e.2      Sabbatical Report
  • 5.4.e.3      TPI Faculty Involvement

5.4.f - Policies, procedures, and practices for faculty evaluation (including promotion and tenure) and summaries of the results in areas of teaching, scholarship and service.

  • 5.4.f.1       IFO Master Agreement
  • 5.4.f.2       PDP PDR Promotion Tenure

5.4.g - Policies, procedures, and practices for professional development and summaries of the results

  • 5.4.g.1      Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning
  • 5.4.g.2      SoE#EdTech
  • 5.4.g.3      CTC and ITDL Workshops
  • 5.4.g.4      Common Professional Development Day Sessions
  • 5.4.g.5      2013-2014 CETL Fall Convocation