School of Education - Accreditation Self-Study Report

Standard 4: Exhibits

4.4.a - Aggregate data on proficiencies related to diversity that candidates are expected to demonstrate through working with students from diverse groups in classrooms and schools, including impact on student learning

  • 4.4.a.1      Diversity Proficiencies
  • 4.4.a.2      Diversity Proficiencies 2014
  • 4.4.a.3      Diversity Proficiencies Advanced Programs

4.4.b - Curriculum components and experiences that address diversity proficiencies

  • 4.4.b.1      Diversity Curriculum Components by Program
  • 4.4.b.2      Example. Diversity Proficiency in Art Education
  • 4.4.b.3      Liberal Education Program Requirements
  • 4.4.b.4      Syllabus example: HURL 497/597 (Password Required)

4.4.c - Assessment instruments and scoring guides related to candidates meeting diversity proficiencies, including impact on student learning

  • 4.4.c.1      Summative Assessment of Student Teaching
  • 4.4.c.2      Summative Assessment - Standards Reference Sheet
  • 4.4.c.3      Exit Survey
  • 4.4.c.4      Cooperating Teacher Survey

4.4.d - Data table on faculty demographics

  • 4.4.d.1      Faculty Demographics

4.4.e - Data table on candidates demographics

  • 4.4.e.1      Candidate Demographics
  • 4.4.e.2      Spring 2014 Enrollment Profile
  • 4.4.e.3      PEDS Summary - Candidate Demographics
  • 4.4.e.4      SCSU Enrollment - Students of Color
  • 4.4.e.5      SCSU 2012-13 Quick Reference

4.4.f - Data table on demographics of P-12 students in schools used for clinical practice

  • 4.4.f.1       P-12 Placement Site Demographics
  • 4.4.f.2       2012-13 Diversity of Field Experience Student Teaching Placements Report
  • 4.4.f.3       2011-12 Diversity of Field Experience Student Teaching Placements Report

4.4.g - Policies and practices, including good faith efforts, for recruiting and retaining diverse faculty

  • 4.4.g.1      SCSU Workforce Summary
  • 4.4.g.2      SCSU Affirmative Action Plan - Hiring
  • 4.4.g.3      MnSCU Board Policy
  • 4.4.g.4      Faculty Diversity Presentations

4.4.h - Policies and practices, including good faith efforts, for recruiting and retaining diverse candidates

  • 4.4.h.1      Recruitment Proposal

4.4.i - Policies, procedures, and practices that support candidates working with P-12 students from diverse groups

  • 4.4.i.1       Immersion Article

4.4.j - Other Exhibits

  • 4.4.j.1       2013 HEED Award
  • 4.4.j.2       SCSU Diversity Plan
  • 4.4.j.3       Racial Issues Course Criteria
  • 4.4.j.4       edTPA Bias and Equity
  • 4.4.j.5       edTPA Equity Conversation Dec. 2013
  • 4.4.j.6       Summary of Equity Conversation
  • 4.4.j.7       edTPA Bias Letter MACTE
  • 4.4.j.8       edTPA Bias Letter BOT
  • 4.4.j.9       Thrive Brochure
  • 4.4.j.10     Confucius Institute
  • 4.4.j.11     International and Out of State Student Teaching