School of Education - Accreditation Self-Study Report

Standard 2: Assessment System

Exhibit 2.4.a.1 presents a matrix of unit assessments aligned with MN standards, our conceptual framework and collected in association with major transition points. The assessment system was approved through appropriate unit procedures prior to the last accreditation visit and was described in a 2010 publication (2.4.a.2). Most recently, it was updated and presented to the unit Assessment and Accreditation committee in spring 2013.

As part of the NExT collaborative, SCSU has one representative on the Common Metrics committee (Exhibit 2.4.h.1). This group developed four instruments that are administered at the same time, to the same target group, at all fourteen institutions (Exhibit 2.4.a.11). Through data sharing agreements, aggregate and local data are now available. The four common metrics instruments have undergone significant reliability and validity studies and have become a central core of our assessment system. We are able to have a deeper understanding of our program strengths and areas for improvement by comparing data between our candidates and the NExT aggregate.