School of Education - Accreditation Self-Study Report

Standard 2: Use of Data for Program Improvement

Implementing a systematic use of data for program improvement has been a challenge. We have held two data retreats, with minimal results (Exhibit 2.4.a.13). We have engaged assessment colleagues from our own campus as well as the NExT collaborative to discuss ways to move toward a culture of assessment. The TPI Assessment Working Group is addressing this issue as well, and will be making recommendations on possible improvements to our assessment system. A study conducted in Spring 2014 compiled data-based program changes made throughout the unit (Exhibit 2.4.g.1). That study found that while regular use of data may be limited, programs have responded to “voices from the field”, making programmatic changes based on feedback received from candidates or teachers via advisory boards. Some disruptions in dissemination occurred as we transitioned to Common Metrics instruments, but have since been addressed and are reflected in the updated data dissemination matrix (Exhibit 2.4.d.2). All program and unit reports are now housed in a SharePoint site accessible to faculty in the teacher education unit.