School of Education - Accreditation Self-Study Report

Standard 1: Student Learning

Student Learning for Teacher Candidates

Initial Preparation

  • Preparation of Program Completers. Competency in this area is assessed through Standards 2, 8 and 10. SCSU candidates tend to score quite well in student learning and collaboration, but not as well in areas related to assessment. The 2012-13 cohort scored student learning lower after being in the field for a year than they did at exit.
  • Cooperating Teacher Survey. There are 10 items relating to this standard on the Cooperating Teacher survey. 88.3% of SCSU candidates were rated “prepared” in this domain. Findings here mirror the results above, with items related to assessment of student learning rated lower than other items.
  • The edTPA provides additional data related to student learning for teacher candidates (Rubrics 5, 7, 8, 10-15). Our candidates rated much better in engaging students in learning than the national sample in spring 2013. An area that has been identified in multiple measures as needing improvement is candidates’ ability to provide students feedback to guide learning. Samples of candidates’ analyses of student learning are provided (Exhibits 1.4.g.1; 1.4.g.2; 1.4.g.3; 1.4.g.4; 1.4.g.5).

Advanced Preparation

Student learning is embedded and assessed through course activities, observations and feedback.