School of Education - Accreditation Self-Study Report

Standard 1: Exhibits

1.4.a - State program review documents and state findings.

  • 1.4.a.1       Educator Preparation Program Approval System

1.4.b - Title II reports submitted to the state for the previous three years.

  • 1.4.b.1        Title II Report AY 10-11
  • 1.4.b.2        Title II Report AY 11-12
  • 1.4.b.3        Title II Report AY 12-13

1.4.c -Key assessments and scoring guides used for assessing candidate learning against professional and state standards as well as proficiencies identified in the unit's conceptual framework.

  • 1.4.c.1        MTLE Information
  • 1.4.c.2        MTLE Testing Requirements
  • 1.4.c.3        Summative Assessment of Student Teaching
  • 1.4.c.4        Summative Assessment - Standards Reference Sheet
  • 1.4.c.5        Exit Survey
  • 1.4.c.6        Cooperating Teacher Survey
  • 1.4.c.7        Transition to Teaching Survey
  • 1.4.c.8        Supervisor Survey
  • 1.4.c.9        Previous Employer Survey
  • 1.4.c.10      Pre-Post Self Assessment for Administrators
  • 1.4.c.11      MN Competencies for School Administrators
  • 1.4.c.12      School Counseling Internship Rating Form
  • 1.4.c.13      Situational Panel Assessment Rubric
  • 1.4.c.14      School Counseling Practicum Evaluation
  • 1.4.c.15      Administrative Professional Portfolio
  • 1.4.c.16      edTPA Rubrics
  • 1.4.c.17a    Teacher Education Admission Criteria
  • 1.4.c.17b    Admission Criteria Rationale

1.4.d - Aggregate data on key assessments, including proficiencies identified in the unit's conceptual framework.

  • 1.4.d.1        MTLE Content Passing Rates - All Takers
  • 1.4.d.2        MTLE Passing for Program Completers
  • 1.4.d.3        Performance Based Assessment Data
  • 1.4.d.4        Candidate Performance (multi measures) 12-13
  • 1.4.d.5        Candidate Performance (multi measures) 13-14
  • 1.4.d.6        edTPA Pass Rates 2012-13
  • 1.4.d.7        edTPA Data 2013-14
  • 1.4.d.8        edTPA Pass Rates 2013-14
  • 1.4.d.9        Cooperating Teacher Survey 2014 Report
  • 1.4.d.10      Cooperating Teacher Findings 2010-2013
  • 1.4.d.11      School Counseling Data 2011-13
  • 1.4.d.12      Content Knowledge - Advanced Programs 2013-14
  • 1.4.d.13      Pre-Post Self Assessment Report EDAD
  • 1.4.d.14      Situational Panel Assessment Report
  • 1.4.d.15      SCSU TTS Report from Hezel
  • 1.4.d.16      Exit Survey Results

1.4.e - Key assessments and scoring guides used for assessing professional dispositions, including fairness and the belief that all students can learn.

  • 1.4.e.1        Summative Assessment of Student Teaching
  • 1.4.e.2        Cooperating Teacher Survey
  • 1.4.e.3        Exit Survey

1.4.f Aggregate data on key assessments of candidates' professional dispositions.

  • 1.4.f.1a       Early Field Experience Data
  • 1.4.f.1b       ED 315 Field Experience Report
  • 1.4.f.1c       ED 300 Report - Spring 2014
  • 1.4.f.2         Performance Based Assessment Data

1.4.g - Examples of candidates' assessment and analysis of P-12 student learning.

  • 1.4.g.1        Candidate Analysis of Student Learning-PE (Password Required)
  • 1.4.g.2        Candidate Analysis of Student Learning-Math (Password Required)
  • 1.4.g.3        Candidate Analysis of Student Learning-Elementary Literacy (Password Required)
  • 1.4.g.4        Candidate Analysis of Student Learning-Early Childhood (Password Required)
  • 1.4.g.5        Candidate Analysis of Student Learning-Secondary Science (Password Required)

1.4.h - Examples of candidates' work (e.g., portfolios at different proficiency levels) from programs across the unit.

  • 1.4.h.1        Candidate Work Sample - Tech Ed (Password Required)
  • 1.4.h.2        Candidate Work Sample - ART 390 (Password Required)
  • 1.4.h.3        Candidate Work Sample - SPED 200 (Password Required)
  • 1.4.h.4        Candidate Work Sample - Social Studies (Password Required)
  • 1.4.h.5        Candidate Work Sample - MATH 431 (Password Required)
  • 1.4.h.6        Candidate Work Sample - Communication Arts and Literature (Password Required)
  • 1.4.h.8        Candidate Work Sample - Principal (Password Required)
  • 1.4.h.9        Candidate Work Sample - Superintendent (Password Required)
  • 1.4.h.10      Candidate Work Sample - Director of Special Education (Password Required)

1.4.i - Aggregate data on follow-up studies of graduates.

  • 1.4.i.1         TTS Preliminary Report
  • 1.4.i.2         TTS Unit Wide Report
  • 1.4.i.3         TTS Elementary Report
  • 1.4.i.4         TTS Secondary Report
  • 1.4.i.5         TTS Social Studies Report
  • 1.4.i.6         TTS Special Education Report
  • 1.4.i.7         TTS Report from Hezel 2013
  • 1.4.i.8         2010 Follow Up Study

1.4.j - Aggregate data on employer feedback on graduates.

  • 1.4.j.1         Employment Findings 2013
  • 1.4.j.2         Employment Findings 2014
  • 1.4.j.3         Supervisor Survey Report 2012 - from Hezel
  • 1.4.j.4         Supervisor Survey Unit data
  • 1.4.j.5         Supervisor Survey data - Elementary
  • 1.4.j.6         Supervisor Survey data - Secondary
  • 1.4.j.7         Supervisor Survey data - Special Education

1.4.l - TPI

  • 1.4.l.1         Common Educational Foundation Core
  • 1.4.l.2         Ready Set Teach - Tools for Success
  • 1.4.l.3         Ready Set Teach Report - Aug. 2013
  • 1.4.l.4         Report New Teacher Workshop Oct. 2013
  • 1.4.l.5         Report New Teacher Workshop Dec. 2013
  • 1.4.l.6         Report New Teacher Workshop Feb. 2014
  • 1.4.l.7         TPI SCSU Mini Grants
  • 1.4.l.8         Teacher Education Unit Proposal

1.4.m - Other Exhibits

  • 1.4.m.1       Basic Skill Legislation - 2014
  • 1.4.m.2       Teacher Education Orientation packet
  • 1.4.m.3       Future Educators Club 2013-14 Year-End Report
  • 1.4.m.4       Vera Russell Graduate Travel Funds
  • 1.4.m.5a     Instructional Technology Discovery Lab
  • 1.4.m.5b     CTC and ITDL Workshops
  • 1.4.m.6a     MTLE Reading Workshop Report
  • 1.4.m.6b     MTLE Writing Workshop Report
  • 1.4.m.7       2011 Briefing Report