School of Education - Accreditation Self-Study Report

Standard 1: Professional Dispositions for All Candidates

Initial Preparation. Professional dispositions are aligned with the Minnesota Standards of Effective Practice (Exhibit 1.4.c.18). Assessment occurs during early field experiences and during student teaching (Exhibits 1.4.f.1a; 1.4.f.1b; 1.4.f.1c). In 2013-14, cooperating teachers rate 94.1% of SCSU candidates as prepared in the area of professional dispositions (Exhibit 1.4.d.9).

Advanced Preparation. Collection of data on professional dispositions is embedded and assessed through course activities, observations and feedback.

Other School Professionals. School counseling candidates are rated on 23 measures aligned with professional dispositions. In 2013 the average rating was 5 (out of 5) on all but 2 of these measures, resourcefulness and originality, in which the average rating was 4 (Exhibit 1.4.d.11). Educational administration candidates also score very high in measures of professional dispositions such as values/ethics, communication and judgment/problem solving on the pre-post assessment and the panel evaluation (Exhibit 1.4.d.13; 1.4.d.14).