School of Education - Accreditation Self-Study Report

Overview: Exhibits

I.5.a - Pages from catalogs and other print documents describing general education, specialty/content studies, and professional studies.

  • I.5.a.1   Catalog Documents Describing Liberal Education Program Requirements
  • I.5.a.2   Catalog Description of Professional Education Programs
  • I.5.a.3   Catalog Description of Advanced Programs - EDAD
  • I.5.a.3   Catalog Description of Advanced Programs - School Counseling

I.5.b - Examples of syllabi for professional education courses.

  • I.5.b.1   Syllabi Example: CEEP 262, Human Growth and Development (Password Required)
  • I.5.b.2   Syllabi Example: IM 421/521, Information, Technology and Learning for Elementary Education (Password Required)
  • I.5.b.3   Syllabi Example: HURL 497/597, Human Relations for Teachers (Password Required)
  • I.5.b.4   Syllabi Example: ED 431/531, Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment (Password Required)
  • I.5.b.5   Syllabi Example: SPED 416/516, Individualized Assessment in Special Education (Password Required)
  • I.5.b.6   Syllabi Example: CFS 413, Guidance of Young Children (Password Required)

I.5.c - Conceptual Framework(s)

  • I.5.c.1    Original Conceptual Framework Visual
  • I.5.c.2    Original Conceptual Framework Description
  • I.5.c.3    Original Conceptual Framework Extended Narrative
  • I.5.c.4    Revised Conceptual Framework Visual
  • I.5.c.5    Revised Conceptual Framework Alternate Visual
  • I.5.c.6    Revised Conceptual Framework Description
  • I.5.c.7    Revised Conceptual Framework Alignment

I.5.d - Findings of other national accreditation associations related to the preparation of educational professionals.

  • I.5.d.1   CACREP Status for School Counseling Program
  • I.5.d.2   Board of School Administrators Approved Programs

I.5.e - Updated institutional, program, and faculty information

  • I.5.e.3   Education Unit Program Offerings
  • I.5.e.4   Educator Preparation Program Approval System

I.5.f - Institution and Unit information.

  • I.5.f.1    Mission and Vision - SCSU
  • I.5.f.2    Academic Organizational Chart - SCSU
  • I.5.f.3    SCSU Organizational Chart (showing education programs)

I.5.g - Information related to the Teacher Preparation Initiative (TPI).

  • I.5.g.1   NExT Institutions list
  • I.5.g.2   TPI Structure and Process
  • I.5.g.3   Teacher Education Advisory Council
  • I.5.g.4   Executive Teacher Education Council
  • I.5.g.5   Teacher Education Unit Proposal

Other partnerships.

  • I.5.h.2   North Branch Partnership
  • I.5.h.3   St. Cloud State at Plymouth Information