Student Disability Services


Once students have presented documentation of their disabilities and have completed an intake with the Student Disability Services director, a variety of accommodations may be provided. Accommodations are determined on a case-by-case basis in may include some of the below supports:

Priority Registration

Allows students to register for courses on the first day that registration for classes opens.  Be sure to meet with your assigned advisor prior to the Priority Registration date each semester to plan for your courses and receive your access code if you need one.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Accommodations

Recording Lecture Options

Ability to record lectures to optimize learning. Student provides own recording tool (phone, computer, digital recorder, other) as approved by instructor.  If an instructor has indicated NO audio recording lectures, the eligible student will have a conversation with the instructor and SDS Director to discuss the accommodation and how this can be implemented in the class to serve the students’ needs and instructors concerns. An Audio Recording Agreement will be signed by the instructor, student and SDS Director.

Alternative Format Texts

  • SDS will request books in an alternative format (ie. Pdf, Word or otherwise accessible format) from the publisher.  The student will then use a “screen reading” tool to listen to textbooks.
  • If eligible for alternative format textbooks, student must purchase textbook, bring in books and receipt to start the requesting process from the publishers.

Note Taking

  • Volunteer note taking in classes as requested
  • Students approved for note taking assistance, must go to class the first couple days to identify if they have a need for a note taker for each given class.  If there is a need, student should come to SDS to request which classes they need notes for.

Alternative Testing

  • Alternative test site
  • Extended testing time
  • Audio tests/Reader
  • Scribe
  • Enlarged copies

Schedule an Exam

Assistive Technology

  • Read Write Gold Literacy and Screen Reading Tool download (login required)
  • Jaws
  • Open Book
  • FM System
  • CCTV

Housing Accommodations

  • Students desiring housing accommodations for disability related needs should have their health care provider or another appropriate licensed professional complete the Health Care Form for Students Requesting Housing Accommodations Form. Once submitted to our office, SDS will contact student to set up a time to meet.
    • Single Room
    • ADA Accessible Room
  • Emotional Support Animal. Please have your licensed provider submit the ESA form to our office for further review.  Once received, student will be contacted to set up a time to meet.

Physical Accommodations

  • Accessible entrances (map)
  • SCSU is dedicated to ensuring we provide equal access during your educational journey.  We want to work directly with students who are encountering barriers.  In the event you encounter a barrier at SCSU (i.e., inoperative elevator, signs blocking accessible entrances, drifting snow or overhanging tree branches) we need you to help us identify them so the University can take action to remove the barriers as quickly as possible.
Please contact Student Disability Services:

Support Services

  • Student support for coping with disability and advocating
  • Orientation to buildings: elevators, accessible routes, restrooms, automatic doors, etc.
  • SCSU campus map with accessible entrances
  • Referrals to other appropriate support services
  • Meetings with Graduate Assistants to discuss time management, organizational skills, study tips, etc.

Other accommodations as reasonable and appropriate given the diagnosis and course objectives