Student Disability Services

Student Disability Services

The SDS services that I received are a great help. I would be lost without a note taker!
- Student

interpreter signing

About Student Disability Services

This website has been developed to provide information about Student Disability Services to prospective students, current students and parents, as well as, faculty and staff and any other individuals who wish to inquire about our services.


Based on student need and consultation, these services may be provided to students:

  • Priority Registration
  • Deaf/Hard of Hearing Services (Interpreter and Closed Captioning)
  • Note Taking
    • Volunteer note taking in classes as requested
  • Recording Lecture Options
  • Alternative Testing
    • Alternative test site
    • Extended testing time
    • Audio tests/Reader
    • Scribe
    • Enlarged copies
  • Alternative Format Texts
  • Assistive Technology
  • Housing Accommodations
  • Support Services
    • Student support for coping with disability and advocating
    • Orentation to buildings: elevators, accessible routes, restrooms, automatic doors, etc.
    • SCSU campus map with accessible entrances
    • Referrals to other appropriate support services
    • Meetings with Graduate Assistants to discuss time managment, organizational skills, study tips, etc.
  • Faculty Assistance
    • Disability Awareness information for faculty and staff
  • Other accommodations as reasonable and appropriate given the diagnosis and course objectives


Student Disability Services supports students with physical, cognitive, mental/emotional  or otherwise documented disabilities. Our goal is to provide facility and programmatic access through reasonable accommodations to allow students with disabilities an equal opportunity for academic success.


We foster a greater sense of awareness and social equity to enable St. Cloud State to become recognized as an institution that respects and empowers independence and academic success among students with disabilities.


We are committed to:

  • Providing the highest quality services possible to our constituents
  • Respecting differences and working toward greater diversity and inclusiveness
  • Demonstrating civility in all discourse
  • Use of fiscal and human resources to serve students in fulfilling the goals of Student Life and Development and the University mission.