Student Accessibility Services

Note Taking Procedures

Accessibility Services provides note taking services for SCSU students who need classroom notes taken for them due to a physical, cognitive or mental/emotional impairment. This letter is designed to familiarize you with this service so that you are aware of the role of the note taker.

  • Once the student has made the request with Student Accessibility Services, an email will be sent to the instructor indicating the need for a note taker.
  • It is the instructors responsibility to either recommend a student to us that you think would be a good note taker OR announce to the class to see if anyone would like to sign up to be a note taker and receive compensation. When this announcement is made to the class, no identifying information should be given that identifies the student who is to receive the notes. This information should be kept confidential.
  • In some cases, the student with a disability may have a friend in the class or someone they feel comfortable asking to be a note taker for them.
  • Note takers should not know who the student is that will be receiving the notes. It is very important that we maintain the confidentiality of the student with the disability.
  • We ask that the note takers submit their notes to Student Accessibility Services as soon as possible after the class, preferably within 24 hours.
  • Students who are absent on a given day will be responsible for finding their own notes for the day(s) missed unless specific permission was obtained in advance from the SAS office.
  • Because note takers are not permitted to know/discuss the student they are taking notes for, if you suspect a particular student is missing class and still receiving their notes, please contact SAS so we can address this.
  • Note takers receive an overview of note taking and free photo copying services for the notes being provided through SAS. We sincerely appreciate your assistance in serving our students. For more information on services available for students with disabilities call 320-308-4080 or