Student Accessibility Services

Exam Scheduling

To schedule an In Person Exam with SAS - Centennial Hall 202, you will need the following:
1) An extended testing time accommodation that has been approved through SAS
2) Course information for the exam you are scheduling (Instructor’s name, Course Name & Number, and Class time)
3) Your StarID and Password

How to Schedule an In Person or Proctored Exam:
1) Click the “Schedule an Exam” button below to begin scheduling your exam. It will redirect you to a new page.
2) Click “Find Available Time”
3) Select the date and start time that the test will be taken. (i.e. selecting 8-8:30 a.m. would indicate an 8 a.m. start time)
4) Enter your Instructor’s Name, Course, and Class time in the “Would you like to share anything else?” field.
5) Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click “Schedule”

Please keep in mind that exams must be scheduled 72 hours or three business days prior to the date of the exam. If you have issues scheduling please email SAS at You should receive a confirmation email 24 hours before and a text the day of the exam to confirm your booking.

Online Exams It is not necessary to schedule an online exam through SAS. Your accommodations should be applied to any online exams. If you are finding that your accommodations are not being applied as appropriate, please contact SAS at

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