Senior to Sophomore (S2S)

Teacher Resources

Participating in the Senior to Sophomore program as an instructor can be a rewarding teaching and learning experience.

Instructors must meet the requirements of, and be approved by the university department in the appropriate content area. Their Partner Application/Profile and a resume also must be on file with the Senior to Sophomore office.

Our program pairs each high school instructor with a St. Cloud State University faculty member, who serves as a colleague/partner and is the faculty of record for the course. The faculty partner works with you to ensure that department requirements, learning objectives and prerequisites are met. They will be a helpful resource on curriculum development and producing a syllabus for the course.

Administrative Resources

New this year, we have created a D2L for our high school instructors. You can access it here by logging in with your StarID and password.

Records and Registration has created a website specifically for Faculty/Staff Resources. Here you can learn how to access your class roster, view grades and more.

You can also visit Minnesota State's StarID Self-Service to find out what your StarID is, activate your StarID or reset your password.

If you are having any issues with successfully teaching your course, please don't hesitate to contact us at

Additional forms and resources can be found on the right hand of this page.

Professional Development

High school teachers teaching through the Senior to Sophomore program are required to participate in various types of training and professional development facilitated by the St. Cloud State University department/faculty partner. This regular and essential involvement with University faculty helps to ensure that the content, pedagogy and assessments align with the St. Cloud State University course taught on campus. Instructors are encouraged to help guide sessions to their needs.

Attendance at these required sessions is tracked by the Senior to Sophomore program. Failure to complete these professional development requirements could result in loss of the course offering at your high school in the following academic year.

The Senior to Sophomore program can support instructors by covering various costs such as mileage, parking, and in certain circumstances food and other fees. Upon completion of a professional development session, the program will send a letter documenting participation that may benefit instructors for continuing education requirements.

Please see the High School Instructor/Administrator Guide for more information.

Campus Visits

Each Senior to Sophomore class is encouraged to visit campus at least once during the course. To make these visits possible, the program reimburses schools for bus transportation and will provide lunch for students at Garvey Commons, the student dining hall. We can no longer support reimbursements for the instructor’s substitute teachers.

Starting in the 2019-2020 academic year, campus visits must be scheduled while classes are in session at St. Cloud State University. This will ensure that students experience campus life and that resources are available to promote an interactive visit.

While on campus, students participate in a variety of activities, such as:

  • Working in a lab or attending a lecture
  • Learning how to do university level research during a library session with one of the St. Cloud State University research librarians
  • Attending special on-campus events
  • Presentations from various department on campus such as Admissions, Financial Aid and Study Abroad

Campus visits can be tailored to the class and students participating. Please work with your faculty mentor and the Senior to Sophomore Admissions Counselor to plan a campus visit, or submit a Campus Visit Request.