Senior to Sophomore (S2S)

Faculty Responsibilities

St. Cloud State faculty partners are expected to be a part of planning sessions, class visits, and on-campus visits for their Senior to Sophomore courses.

You will need the approval of your department to become a faculty partner.

Then, you'll work in tandem with your approved high school instructor to develop a syllabus that meets the university's guidelines and policies. You can do that work as part of the annual Senior to Sophomore Workshop you are expected to attend. The workshop provides professional development, addresses content and technique for classes and course assessment.

As the year progresses, you will provide support for your high school instructors. Regular communication with instructors, multiple site visits and engagement during your classes' campus visits will be the venues for that support.

While high school instructors submit grades to you, you are responsible for recording the grades in the university's system.   

You'll also be responsible for completing a program evaluation form for each class annually.