Department of Residential Life

Conference, Camp and Guest Services

During the summer months when regular classes are not in session, our Camp and Conference participants may be housed in any of our designated student residences.


Short Term/Guest Housing

Our short-term suites, complete with furnishings and linens, are located on the first floor of Sherburne Hall.

Reserve Space For Your Group

  1. Reservation Request form should be submitted as early as possible so we can accommodate preferences. Requests will be processed, and space reserved, based on the date a group submits a formal request. Groups/departments with a balance due from a previous stay will not have a new request processed until full payment of past due fees are received.
  2. Once a Reservation Request has been submitted, staff will review the request and send out a Confirmation Agreement confirming space availability, requested dates and other preferences.
  3. The group/department will be asked to review, sign and return the Confirmation Agreement within 30 days in order to hold the reservation. A signed Confirmation Agreement obligates the requesting group/department to a guaranteed payment for no less than 55 percent of the reserved bed space count. Confirmation Agreements received by the Department of Residential Life after May 1 cannot be guaranteed, and will be honored based upon space availability. Confirmation Agreements that are not returned within 30 days will be considered canceled.
  4. A cancellation charge of $100 will be assessed if the conference/camp/workshop is canceled after March 1, but before May 1. Cancellations past May 1 will be subject to the 55 percent guarantee bed count noted in the Confirmation Agreement.
  5. Final numbers should be confirmed no later than 30 days prior to arrival date of the first participant for the conference, camp, or workshop group.
  6. To make a reservation request for housing, and/or other facility requests, please email Jayne Balicky, Assistant Director for Event Planning at

Services and Features


Conference/camp groups can arrange meals in Garvey Commons during your stay through our campus dining partner, Chartwells. Contact to start your requests.  Based upon your other needs, catered events may also be scheduled for your group if you have space reservations in other campus locations.

Mail and Packages

For groups who stay less than seven days, we advise not to have mail or packages sent unless it is sent by overnight courier. Conference participants intending to receive mail should have it directed to this address:

Residential Life Conferences – Hill Hall
720 4th Ave. S.
St. Cloud, MN 56301-4488

Attn: “Participant,” “dates of stay,” and “hall.”

Air Conditioning

While most evening temperatures are mild, air-conditioned rooms may be something your group is interested in having. We offer air conditioned bedrooms in Lawrence Hall, and the east and west wings of Shoemaker Hall. North Shoemaker Hall does not have air conditioned rooms.  Mitchell Hall, Sherburne Hall and Case-Hill Hall have air conditioning in the public common areas only. Guests may wish to bring a small personal fan.

Guest Wi-Fi

All residential facilities offer complimentary guest WiFi access through our University guest wifi log in.   Instructions on how to connect your device to the guest service is provided upon check in to our facilities.

Recreation Equipment

Most of our residence halls offer complimentary use of recreation equipment including HD television in lounges, pool tables, ping pong tables, foosball tables, and board game equipment. Shoemaker Hall and Case/Hill Hall also offer outdoor sand volleyball courts that may be used by guests during their stay.


Rooms do not have land line phones. There is also no long distance phone for guest use in the lobby, but there is a local phone line available. 

To learn more about the individual buildings, please visit Residential Life Communities


Daytime and overnight parking accommodations can be arranged by contacting the Public Safety Department at 320-308-3453 or Please note that there is a small charge for guests who need parking.

Vehicles parked in 15 minute stalls, maintenance vehicle stalls, residence hall director only stalls, handicap stalls and faculty/staff lots without the appropriate permit are subject to towing.

See the campus map for lot details and search “Public Safety” on the University website for more information.

Safety and Security

Entrances and Building Access

Most all of our residential facilities have door access controls on the entrances, and lobby areas leading to the residential floors. Our entrances are typically locked each evening at 10 p.m., unless otherwise arranged with a group.

A limited number of door access cards may be distributed to each group as arranged with the Department of Residential Life.

Each group participant is provided a key to access his/her assigned room during their stay. Lost access cards and keys will be billed to the group at the end of the reservation. 

Video Surveillance and Reception Desks

All of our facilities have video surveillance cameras in key public spaces, and some critical exterior locations. We also will have trained staff members working reception desks in our facilities during pre-scheduled hours.  

There is one 24-hour dispatch center in our Public Safety Department. A residential life staff member also resides in the facility during a group stay in the event there is a need to have a staff member respond to a facility or safety issue.

Youth Group Chaperones

Conference, Camp, and Workshop groups with participants under the age of 18 are required to provide live-in counselors and/or advisors at a ratio of one counselor per 25 underage participants.

Quiet Hours

Quiet hours are 10 p.m.-7 a.m. and 24-hour courtesy hours are always in place. Guests are expected to keep noise and disruption to a minimum during these hours, and with youth groups it is expected that adult leaders will assist in maintaining this expectation.

Guidelines for Summer Guests

The following expectations and guidelines have been developed to ensure safety, security and respect for all summer guests at St. Cloud State University. We ask that each guest show respect for the facilities, grounds and other visitors during their stay.

Summer guests may be asked to attend a short orientation and welcome at the beginning of the groups stay as determined by the conference staff and group coordinator.

The orientation covers the residence hall guidelines and points out the building's various amenities and other campus resources the group may be interested in utilizing. At a minimum, conference staff and the group coordinator will meet to cover such details.

Campus Expectations

  • Treat other guests and employees of St. Cloud State with respect and be courteous at all times.
  • No rollerblading or skateboarding in the buildings or on steps in front or behind buildings. Guests are permitted to blade or skate outside, however all wheels must be on the ground at all times.
  • No water balloons, super soakers, squirt guns, paint ball guns or water fights.
  • No fireworks, firearms or knives.
  • We are a dry campus. Alcohol is not permitted on campus or in the residence halls, regardless of age.
  • All buildings are smoke-free. Use designated smoking areas outdoors.

Residence Halls Expectations

  • Stay in your assigned rooms each night unless a room change has been approved by the conference staff.
  • Keep hallways, bathrooms and rooms clean.
  • Do not move furniture from room to room or from lounges to room.
  • Walk in the hallways.
  • Please avoid door slamming, as replacement locks cost about $300.
  • Ice cream cones must be eaten in Garvey Commons or outside of the residence halls. Due to the mess they make, they are not permitted in the residence halls.
  • Only eight people are allowed in the elevator at a time. This will ensure proper working ability.
  • Because of building sprinkler systems, sports of any nature are strictly prohibited in the residence halls.

Preparing For Your Arrival

A conference host from the Department of Residential Life will make contact with your designated group leader several weeks prior to your scheduled arrival.

The host will verify your group reservation numbers, accommodation requests and help you coordinate room assignment information prior to your arrival. The host will also assist with connecting you with other campus partners regarding your group arrangements related to dining request and other facility reservations.

Upon your arrival the group leader will work with our host team to facilitate the final room assignment and key distribution process:

  1. The assigned residence hall host will verify with the group leader the room assignment roster prepared before arrival, and make any last minute adjustments.
  2. Once the room assignments and space usage is confirmed, then key distribution is coordinated between conference participants and Residential Life staff in the applicable facility.
  3. Return of keys and check-out will also be coordinated between conference group and Residential Life staff. Late check-out will subject the conference group to a $100 late fee.
  4. Replacement costs for lost keys will be noted in the confirmation information sent to each group/department, and will be verified during the pre-departure building tour.
  5. The residence hall host and group leader(s) will take a tour of the facility prior to group arrival to insure the facilities are prepared appropriately, and assess condition before the group arrives.
  6. The host and group leader(s) will discuss how to report any facility concerns during the group stay. The host will also help to coordinate any procedures related to expected mail deliveries, and possible early departure of guests not outlined in the original agreement.

You may contact us in advance with any questions by emailing, or calling us at 320-308-2166.

Departure Process

The day prior to your group's scheduled departure, your host will establish a meeting to review the actual occupancy numbers during your stay.

In addition, we offer the opportunity to complete a preliminary tour of the facility in order to mutually agree upon any damages or service issues during your stay with us.

Additional meetings with staff members at the University can be arranged in advance, and take place more frequently based upon a group's particular needs.

Billing Process 

After a groups departure and the preliminary meeting with the group leader, a final billing statement will be sent to the group/department within 30 business days after departure. Full payment is due upon receipt of the billing statement.

Accounts are considered past due after 30 days. A $50 late charge may be assessed for the first 30 days past due. An additional $100 late charge will be added for each additional 30 days past due, until charges are paid in full.

Groups/departments with outstanding balances will be unable to reserve space for the next summer schedule until all fees are paid in full. This includes any late charges, extra cleaning fees, key replacements, damages, etc.

Direct questions about billing and reservations to Kenny Hendrickson at

Damages and Loss Charges

While it is rare, on occasion group participants will damage portions of their room or the common spaces of our buildings, and restitution for those repairs and/or replacements will fall upon the group.  

When this happens, our staff host will discuss with the group representatives the damage, the anticipated repair/replacement costs, and how best to manage the restitution in terms of adding this to the group billing or hold individual participants responsible.

Here is a general list of some of the more common repair/replacement costs incurred in prior situations:

  • Window Screens $25 for each screen removed, tampered with or damaged.
  • Room Keys $50 per lost key – (Unless arranged for in advance, participants are responsible for payment for missing keys at the time of checkout.)
  • Fire Extinguisher Case Glass Replacement $5. 
  • Excessive Clean Up $25 per room, or incident if in a common area. 
  • Wall damage/repair $50 - $100. 
  • Access Card replacement  $40. 
  • Other damages, repairs and cleaning fees incurred in the residence halls or on University property will be charged according to repair, replacement, and labor costs as deemed by the Facilities Management unit. Every effort will be made to share this information while group leaders are present on campus.