Department of Residential Life

COVID Isolation Guidelines

Isolation Guidelines for Residence Hall Students

Residence Hall students who test outside of the SCSU Medical Clinic and receive a positive test result should review the CDC guidelines for what to do if you test positive. Contact the SCSU Medical Clinic if you need further assistance or have an underlying condition that you have medical questions about.   

Telephone: (320) 308-3191

Students must report a positive test result to Residential Life and follow the Residential Life isolation protocols as directed by CDC and Minnesota Department of Health guidance.

  • If you do not share a bedroom, you can isolate in your own space. You should only leave your room to use the bathroom, obtain or prepare food, or seek medical attention. You must wear an N95-type mask (N95, KF94, KN-95) whenever you leave your bedroom and keep as much distance as possible from others when outside of your bedroom. Residential Life has N95-type masks available if you do not have your own supply.
  • If you share a bedroom with someone else, and they are currently positive for COVID as well, you may both stay in your room.
  • If you share a bedroom with someone who has not tested positive, you and your roommate should discuss if one of you has another place to stay for a few days (for example, a friend or family member who lives nearby). If neither of you has an alternative space available, the person needing isolation (person who has tested positive) should contact Residential Life to see if isolation space on campus is available. (Note: The emergency isolation space may be in a different residence hall or apartment building)


During your isolation, you must remain out of public/community spaces in your residence hall/apartment. This includes lounges, lobbies, study spaces, the information desk, hallways, other common areas, and the dining center. The only reason to leave your space is to go to the bathroom on your floor, to be tested for COVID-19, retrieve food, critical packages, or to go to a critical medical appointment. N95-type masks (N95, KF94, KN-95) are required at all times you are outside of your bedroom.

Students who violate these isolation protocols may be held responsible through our office of Community Standards.

You should notify your instructors that you will not be participating in in-person classes due to illness. When communicating your absence, you are not required to share any personal medical information with your professors (including test results, vaccination status, quarantine/isolation requirements).


If a package arrives that you need before being released from isolation, you must wear an N95 mask and only proceed to and from the pickup location. You may not linger in any public spaces.

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