Interfaith Links: Jewish/Muslim

Internet sources primarily regarding Jewish-Muslim relations are listed below in no particular order.* Click on the title of each box for the site home page. Articles of interest and direct links to internal sites are included for convenience.

University of Southern California — Center for Muslim Jewish Encounters
"CMJE is a community resource for training in inter-religious outreach, an online resource center for materials on Jewish-Muslim relations, and an academic think-tank." Many articles at:

Rabbi David Rosen
"David Rosen is the Director of AJC's Department for Interreligious Affairs and its Heilbrunn Institute for International Interreligious Understanding. Many articles by Rabbi Rosen at Articles Site on Muslim, Jewish, Christian and other multifaith relations."

Encounter Programs
"Encounter is an educational organization dedicated to providing global diaspora leaders from across the religious and political spectrum with exposure to Palestinian life."
Article: Warriors, Prophets, Peacemakers, and Disciples: a call to action in the face of religious-inspired violence.
Article: Two Days in Bethlehem Daoud Nassar, a Palestinian living in the West Bank, talks to a group of Jewish leaders who are visiting his farm as part of the Encounter program.

My Jewish Learning -- Muslim Relations
"From a Jewish perspective, two main issues divide contemporary Jews and Muslims. The first is widespread Muslim rejection of Jewish political control over land--in this instance the State of Israel. The second issue is Islam's theological insistence that it has replaced Judaism as God's favored religious expression because of Jewish transgressions." Many Jewish-Muslim relations articles at Articles Site.

Jewish Journal
" is America's most widely used Jewish news site. It contains local, national, and global news updated daily, as well as blogs from noted Jewish personalities and writers including Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, Jack Weiss, Dennis Prager, and the Jewish Journal's Danielle Berrin."
Article: Muslims and Jews: Break Down Walls, find Common Ground.
Many others at Article Site.

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