Interfaith Links: Jewish/Christian/Muslim

Internet sources primarily regarding relations between the Abrahamic faiths are listed below in no particular order.* Click on the title of each box for the site home page. Articles of interest and direct links to internal sites are included for convenience.

Jewish-Christian Relations
Sponsored by the International Council of Christians and Jews [ICCJ site]. "In more recent years the ICCJ and its members increasingly engaged in the Abrahamic dialogue: the encounter between Jews, Christians and Muslims. The ICCJ's efforts to promote Jewish-Christian dialogue provide models for wider interfaith relations, particularly dialogue among Jews, Christians, and Muslims."
Article: Jews, Christians and Muslims reading scripture together

Jews, Christians and Muslims: Our Responsibilities After September 11th
VIDEO: An "Islam Awareness Week" lecture by Ako Abdal-Samad at Iowa State University that takes a look at the situation facing the various religious communities in the turbulent post 9/11 world. His presentation emphasizes that those of the Abrahamic tradition must take the responsibility to educate themselves about one another more than ever before. (Duration: 42 min)

Center for the Study of Jewish-Christian-Muslim Relation
Merrimack College in Andover MA offers a minor in Jewish/Christian/Muslims relations and has posted a few articles about its recent activities.
Article: Feast of Faiths a Success

Rabbi David Rosen
"David Rosen is the Director of AJC's Department for Interreligious Affairs and its Heilbrunn Institute for International Interreligious Understanding. Many articles by Rabbi Rosen at Articles Site on Muslim, Jewish, Christian and other multifaith relations."

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