Religious Studies Program

The study of religious beliefs, practices, and doctrines is essential for understanding the past and present state of human cultures, and the course of their development. Religious views of the meaning and purpose of human existence, the nature of ultimate reality, and the nature and foundation for all that is worthwhile in our lives express who we are as individuals and as members of a community.

The purpose of the Religious Studies Program is to investigate these views with a thoroughly interdisciplinary approach that accurately accounts for multiple perspectives. Religious dimensions of meaning, reality, and value are importantly manifested and must be examined in Art, Music, History, Literature, Anthropology, and Philosophy. The Program offers courses in all these areas, in addition to Religious Studies, so we can better appreciate human cultures and understand our place in the cosmos.

Students achieving a minor in Religious Studies may pursue graduate studies in theology or religion, and go on to seminary or other ministerial training. Students can enter the program when their completed credits equal or exceed 24 credits in all colleges and at least 9 credits in residence at St. Cloud State University. The minimum scholarship requirement for admission is a grade point average of 2.0 in course work at St. Cloud State University.