Office of Records and Registration

Reporting Non-Attendance

Reporting procedure for students who never attended/participated or stopped attending/participating in your course(s) using the Grade Entry link (instructions below).

Login to eServices and click on Class Management (left side) and then click on Grade & LDA Entry (Do NOT use the class list link)

  • Click on the GO link in the Enter Grades & LDA/View Roster column.
  • Select a checkbox next to the student name to enable LDA entry.
  • For students who have never attended/participated in your class, select the "NO Never Attended" option. A grade of FN will automatically be assigned to the student. The grade of FN means failure for non-attendance/participation and will affect the student’s GPA in the same manner as a grade of F.
  • For students who have stopped attending/participating in your class, select the "PARTIAL Stopped Attending" option and enter a last date of attendance/participation (LDA). If you do not record daily class attendance, please use a date for academically related activities in a class which include but are not limited to an exam, a tutorial, computer-assisted instruction, academic counseling, academic advisement, submitting a class assignment or attending a study group that is assigned by the institution or some other reasonable means of determining the last date of attendance/participation. A grade of F will automatically be assigned to the student.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the class list and click on the “Save Draft Grades/Post LDA” button. The LDA information will post to the student’s record after you have entered your password to confirm the LDA entry.

Compliance with federal regulations pertaining to attendance/participation verification for financial aid eligibility purposes, requires a last date of attendance/participation for students who have not officially withdrawn from SCSU and either (1) never attended or participated in class, or (2) stopped attending or stopped participating in your class after the 60% date of the term. This attendance/participation date information is important as it will be used to calculate the amount of financial aid that must be returned to the federal government.

If you have questions about this reporting process, please contact Teri Longstrom at 8-4036 or email at or Sue Bayerl, Registrar at 8-4039 or If you have financial aid related questions, please contact the Financial Aid Office at 8-2047.

Appeals: Students can appeal the recording of the FN grade should there be a misunderstanding between the faculty member and the student regarding the student’s attendance/participation. Students who wish to appeal should contact the Office of Records and Registration, AS-118, for further information.