Public Safety Department

Camera System

St. Cloud State University is committed to providing a safe  environment by integrating the best practices of monitoring with technology. A  component of a comprehensive security plan is electronic security through video  ― a  technology that can remotely monitor and record activity on campus.

The purpose  of electronic video security monitoring is to support personal safety, deter  crime, and provide an investigation tool. Video cameras may be used on campus  to enhance safety and security.  Cameras will not be monitored in real  time, continuously or otherwise, except as circumstances dictate and resources  permit.  These cameras fall into one of three primary categories:

Category  One – Public Safety

The purpose of video cameras is to assist in the protection and safety of  the university community and its guests by allowing viewing and/or recording of  video images of public spaces for the detection, assessment, investigation, and  deterrence of prohibited behavior.

Category Two – Building and Property Protection

The purpose of video cameras is to assist in the protection of University  owned and/or operated property, grounds, and buildings.

Category Three – Access Point and Security Verification

The purpose of video cameras is to document activity and ensure authorized use  at controlled access points or alarms (example: residence hall fire exits).

St. Cloud State University  has approximately 350 cameras on campus located outside or in  high traffic areas such as Miller Center, Atwood Memorial Center, Halenbeck  Hall, Herb Brooks National Hockey Center and the entrances to most academic buildings and residence halls. 

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