Public Safety Department

How To Request Access

Distribution of Hard Keys

Hard keys will only be issued if a Building Access Request Form has been completed.  The requestor must do the following:

  1. Complete the Building Access Request Form. A separate form must be submitted for each room or space under the responsibility of a different Dean, Director, or Department Head.  This form may be completed by another university representative on behalf of the employee or student named. 
  2. Submit the request form to the appropriate Dean, Director or Department Head for review and approval if appropriate.
  3. The Dean, Director or Department Head will forward the Building Access Request Form to the Public Safety Department for processing. 
  4. The Public Safety Associate Director will review and forward for processing if approved.  The Director of Public Safety, or designee, will review all requests for great grand, and off-grand level access.  If the request was not approved, the requestor, the named key holder, and the Dean, Director, or Department Head will be notified.
  5. Once the request has been filled, the named key holder will be contacted to pick up the keys.  The keys will be available in the Public Safety Center during regular business hours.
  6. The key holder will have 14 days to pick up the keys.  At the time of pick up, the new key holder will be required to provide a University identification card, and sign the release form. The keys will only be released to that individual, no one else. 

Distribution of Card Access

Key and Access Request Form

Access Matrix

Type of Key / Access   Card

Level of Access

Authorized Users

Rules of Issuance


Individual offices, residence hall rooms, laboratories,   classrooms, and suites

Room occupant

Approved by appropriate unit administrator. For specific   procedures for residential buildings, see Department of   Residential Life Student Handbook.

Access Card

Specific door or parking lot gates

Building occupant or parking lot assignee

Approved by appropriate unit administrator or Public Safety   Department.

Exterior Building

Individual key or access card for individual buildings

Building occupant

Approved by appropriate unit administrator.

Residence Hall Access Card

Specific exterior or entrance door, primarily in residential   buildings

Building occupants; Residence Life, Facilities and Conference   Staff

See Department   of Residential Life Student Handbook.

Partial Building Master / or Building Master

Multiple rooms within a designated area in a single building

Vice Presidents, Deans, Chairs, Directors and other unit   administrators for areas under their control

Approved by appropriate unit administrator, then Public Safety   Associate Director.

Great Grand Master

Exterior and interior doors in designated buildings

Public Safety, Facilities, emergency responders

Background check required. Approved by AVP of Safety and Risk   Management or designee.

Off Great Grand Master

Special high value areas

Room occupant only

Requires approval by AVP of Safety and Risk Management or   designee.