Public Safety Department

Key Return & Access Deactivation

Individuals leaving the university, moving offices, changing positions, or taking a leave of absence must return keys to the Public Safety Center. The individual will receive a receipt indicating the keys that have been returned.  If a student does not return keys, transcripts or registration will be held until the keys are returned.

A department head can have the individual leaving turn in their key(s) to him or her.  We recommend the department head contact the Public Safety Associate Director to get an up-to-date list of the individual’s key(s).  It is the department head’s responsibility to provide a key return receipt to the individual as proof of the key(s) returned. The key(s) must then be returned in person to the Public Safety Department within 2 business days, along with a copy of the Key Return/Card Access Cancellation form.  Do not send keys or access cards through any mail services.

Key Return & Access Deactivation Form