Public Safety Department

Key Return & Access Deactivation

Individuals leaving the university, moving offices, changing positions, or taking a leave of absence must return keys to the Public Safety Center. The individual will receive a receipt indicating the keys that have been returned.  If a student does not return keys, transcripts or registration will be held until the keys are returned.

A department head can have the individual leaving turn in their key(s) to him or her.  We recommend the department head contact the Public Safety Director of Emergency Preparedness and Transportation Services to get an up-to-date list of the individual’s key(s).  It is the department head’s responsibility to provide a key return receipt to the individual as proof of the key(s) returned. The key(s) must then be returned in person to the Public Safety Department within 2 business days, along with a copy of the Key Return/Card Access Cancellation form.  Do not send keys or access cards through any mail services.

Key Return & Access Deactivation Form