Grow your skills for an in-demand field

This undergraduate certificate gives recognition to a student's knowledge for the in-demand field of auditing and analyzing businesses' finances.

Students can have job offers before they graduate if they're able to communicate their skills, and the need for trained workers is high.

Not only accounting majors benefit from the skills gained from this 12-credit certificate. Students analyze controls and risk, studying real-life cases to learn how to detect and prevent fraud in business. This is also a key benefit for career fields like Information Systems.

SCSU has been an Internal Audit Education Partnership (IAEP) school for over a decade, and is the only school in the five-state region with the designation. The Accounting program also has strong connections with firms in the region and state that continue to recruit SCSU students.

Popular Careers: Public accountant, audit analyst and internal auditor.

To be awarded this certificate, students must complete and be awarded an undergraduate degree. For more information about adding an undergraduate certificate, see your advisor.

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Program Requirements Internal Audit Certificate

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