Ecology and Field Biology

Ecology and Field Biology

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As an ecology and field biology major, your coursework will include biology, chemistry and statistics, but much of your time will be spent outdoors and in laboratories working with faculty members on research and field projects on invasive species, biodiversity, animal behavior and conservation. You'll learn the physically demanding work of ecology and field biology in many weather conditions and climates. Your training will be on a campus that values its location alongside the Mississippi River and amid some of Minnesota's most interesting ecosystems but you'll be ready to study and work in the world's remote locations.

Program Highlights

  • Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Ecology and Field Biology
    • Wildlife Biology emphasis
    • Ecology and Natural Resources emphasis
  • Hands-on experience in coursework and fieldwork.
  • Undergraduate participation in faculty research.
  • Faculty engaged in research with agencies such as World Wildlife Fund, Minnesota Department of Military Affairs, U.S. Geological Service and Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
  • Seminars by experts in a variety of biological sciences.
  • Faculty includes Dr. Jorge Arriagada, a world-renowned expert in invasive plants.

Program Distinctions

  • Biology and ecology faculty with an extensive research history and active in nationally recognized research programs such as studies on the adaptation of the goby fish and contaminant disruption of aquatic ecosystems and the impact on male fish.
  • Biology Tutoring Center positioned near a new anatomy and physiology suite in a remodeled Robert H. Wick Science Building is open weekdays
  • Smart classrooms, technology-enhanced lecture halls, advanced laboratories and secure storage for materials in the updated Wick Science Building.

Student Organizations

Continuing Education

Major Minor Online Courses

University Facts & Stats

  • 94% of ecology and field biology graduates employed
  • Commitment to carbon neutrality by 2035
  • Student volunteers collect 1,200 pounds of garbage each year along the Mississippi River
  • 39 Education Abroad programs offered
  • $600,000 National Science Foundation grant helps support students who pursue science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) careers

Popular Careers

  • Park Ranger
  • Fish and Wildlife Biologist
  • Industrial/Wetland/Range Ecologist
  • Environmental Scientist
  • Soil Conservationist
  • Outdoor/Nature Education
  • Hunting/Game Manager
  • Aquaculturist 

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