Critical Applied Sociology

Students who major in applied sociology work toward understanding how people live and work together in times of harmony and in times of discord so they can use that knowledge in a variety of careers. Through classes, internships and volunteer opportunities, you'll learn problem-solving skills that are powerful tools when you're involved in the interactions between individuals, groups, communities and those engaged in global issues. You'll build skills in writing, oral communication, analytical thinking and interpersonal relations that will be tools in any field of work you pursue.

Program Highlights

  • One of four major programs offered: Applied Sociology, Sociology, Interdepartmental Sociology and Elective Studies.
  • Emphasis on sociological approaches to thinking about social change.
  • Internship opportunities are wide and varied and include work in the fields of corrections, market research, advocacy, program administration, human resources and management training.
  • Requests for student research have included a survey of older persons' satisfaction with nutrition programs or needs assessments. A recent intern worked to develop a program on educating the public about Medicare fraud.
  • Select courses are available online.

Program Distinctions

  • Applied Sociology program accredited by Commission on Applied and Clinical Sociology with associated internship program cited as a model for others.
  • Faculty and students engage in timely, relevant research on topics including immigrant workers in Minnesota, politics and food resources, social inequality, and environmental sociology.
  • Philion is also founder of the Greater Minnesota Worker Center, an organization of workers, activists and leaders formed to address immigrant workers' issues.
  • Sociology professor Tracey Ore is force behind St. Cloud State Community Garden, which brings together people and the land and builds knowledge about culture, community building, sustainable agriculture and land preservation.

Popular Careers

  • Sociologist
  • Family Caseworker
  • Child Care/Nonprofit Administrator
  • Clergy/Missionary Worker
  • Parole/Probation Officer
  • Public Policy/Public Affairs
  • Crisis Intervention  

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