Office of the President

Data Practices Contact Information

Data Practices Compliance Official:  Judith Siminoe, Special Advisor to the President, AS 200, 308-2122,

Responsible Authority:  Ashish K. Vaidya, Interim President, AS 200, 308-2122

Data Practices Designee(s):

Academic Affairs Records - Dan Gregory, Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, AS 209, 308-4909,
Affirmative Action Records - Ellyn L. Bartges, Equity & Access Officer, AS 102, 308-5123,

Athletic Records - Heather Weems, Director of Athletics, HaH 329, 308-3102,

Business Records (including payroll) - Jeff Wagner, Director of Business Services, AS 122, 308-4289,

Campus Recreation, Sports Facilities and Intramural Sports Records - Ron Seibring, Director of Campus Recreation, HaH S120, 308-3325,

Career Center Records - Michelle Schmitz, Interim Director of Career Center, CH 215, 308-2151,

Child Care Center Records - Dennis Mergen, Director of Lindgren Child Care Center, ECC 122, 308-3296,

Enrollment Records - Amber Schultz, Assistant Provost for Undergraduate Recruitment and New Student Transition, AS 115, 308-3870,

Facilities (Buildings and Grounds) Records - Phil Moessner, Assistant Vice President for Facilities Management, 308-3190

Finance and Administration Records - Tammy McGee, Vice President for Finance and Administration, AS 205, 308-2286,

Financial Aid Records - Mike Uran, Director of Financial Aid, AS 106, 308-2047,

Foundation, University Advancement Records - Roger Lewis, Director of Finance-University Advancement, Lewis House, 308-48181,

International Studies Records – Shahzad Ahmad, Interim Associate Vice President for International Studies, LH 101, 308-4287,

Personnel Records - Human Resources, AS 204, 308-3203,

Public Safety and Parking Records - Jennifer Furan-Super, Security Coordinator, Public Safety, PSD, 308-2038 or 308-0922,

Research and Economic Partnerships Records - Latha Ramakrishnan, Interim Associate Provost for Research and Sponsored Programs, AS 210, 308-2113,
Residential Life Records - Dan Pedersen, Director of Residential Life, CRH, 308-2166,

Student Counseling Records - John Eggers, Director of Counseling and Psychological Services, SH 103, 308-3171,

Student Health or Medical Records - Corie Beckermann, Director of Health Services, HiH, 308-3191,

Student Records - Sue Bayerl, Registrar, Records and Registration, AS 118, 308-4039,

Student Services Records (including Atwood Memorial Center) - Wanda Overland, Vice President for Student Life and Development, AMC 160, 308-3111,

University Communications Records - Adam Hammer, Director of Media Relations and Publications, AS 207, 308-2104,