St. Cloud State at Plymouth


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The Twin Cities Graduate Center in Maple Grove has served St. Cloud State University and our students since opening in August 2009. The move to newly-renovated building in Plymouth comes with the following upgrades and additions:

  1. Increased security in parking lot via adding a blue light.
  2. Additional internal and external security cameras.
  3. Increased visibility from Highway 169 will make wayfinding easier. It also will be easier to get on and off from a major Twin Cities highway.
  4. Improved wi-fi.
  5. The two professional training/classrooms have power to tables to accommodate technology and mobile devices.
  6. The acoustic properties of the walls are improved; the Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating of the dividing walls is 48.
  7. To accommodate a flex space and more privacy for data security and confidentiality, office space was increased from four to five.
  8. The classroom lighting will decrease St. Cloud State’s carbon footprint by using LED.
  9. More cohesive floor plan; no separation between offices and classrooms.

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