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Engage as a Member of a Diverse and Multicultural World

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We are all members of a global society impacted by a global economy. Engagement in a diversity and multi-cultural world broadens perspectives, encourages collaboration and promotes unity. A commitment to this dimension of Our Husky Compact gives our students the skills to:

  • Understand the diverse influences on one’s personal identity
  • Develop intercultural competency, understanding and an appreciation for commonalities and differences
  • Recognize and value diverse perspectives and the interdependence among communities, locally and globally
  • Critically analyze multiple worldviews, systems and power structures to understand their implications for people’s lives and our sustainable future
  • Integrate diverse perspectives to address significant local and global problems collaboratively and equitably

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St. Cloud State is recognized and celebrated for its dedication to diversity and inclusivity.

Our Husky Compact at work

Engage as a Member of a Diverse and Multicultural World

Grad student earns Welter World Citizen Award
Celebrate graduate student Preeti Yonjon who earned the Mark M. Welter World Citizen Award.  Read more.

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