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Course Management Dashboard


The Course Management dashboard allows users to view courses offered with the number of students enrolled, number of seats remaining, the max size of the course, the number enrolled over the max size, and the percent of seats remaining. The dashboard can be filtered by term and instructional type.

There are three reports within the dashboard: Course Management, Historic Seat Availability, and Sectino Detail. The user can drill down to section by clicking on Subject and then clicking on the Course Number.

The Historic Seat Availability report shows a graphical chart indicating historical seat availability trends over time by term day and is displayed by clicking on each subject, course or section in the left-hand report (Course Management).

The additional accompanying report, Section Detail, contains a breakdown of section information based on the course selection in the Course Management report.


IMPORTANT: Be sure to select the appropriate instruction type.

Location and Access

This report is only available in SAMS.

Users with access to SAMS can view this report under Institutional Capacity.

Business Logic

[ISRS_CT_COU].[YRTR] = "Specified term"

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This report is updated daily.

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