Institutional Research Report Guide

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Major Concentration Completions


The Major Concentration Completions report shows the number of concentration completions for both undergraduate and graduate majors/programs.

Typically students complete a major and degree in the same term. However, students do have the ability to complete a degree and major in one term and then return later to just complete a major. For example, a student can complete the Statistics BS major and then one year later return to complete the Mathematics BS. The student will be counted for two major completions in the appropriate terms but would only be counted for one degree earned.

Location and Access

Users with access to SAMS can view the Major Completions report under Institutional Capacity. The report can be filtered by organizational structure, level (undergraduate or graduate), year, and term type (summer, fall, spring).

Business Logic

[ISRS_DEG_MAJOR].[INST_ID] = "91001365"

[ISRS_DEG_MAJOR].[MAJOR_COMPL_DATE] = "Between the begin and end date of the desired term"

Data Sources




Update Schedule

This report is released in late June following the conclusion of the spring term. The SAMS report is updated daily.

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