Institutional Research Report Guide

Report Name

FYE Report


The FYE Report compares today's FYE enrollment to the same day one year ago. Also included are tables comparing today's enrollment versus the current fiscal year projection and a table comparing the current fiscal year projection to the prior fiscal year current enrollment.


FYE is the sum of undergraduate credits divided by 30 plus the sum of graduate credits divided by 20. For more information on FYE, click here.


Location and Access

This report is only available in SAMS.

Users with access to SAMS can view the FYE report under Institutional Capacity.

Business Logic

This report uses the ODS_CT_COMPARE_1YR_TODAY tables. One table exists for each term. To generate the FYE based on credits, the following expressions are used.

UG_FYE: Sum([UG_CRHR]/30)

GR_FYE: Sum([GR_CRHR]/20)

Data Sources




Update Schedule

These reports are released the day after the 30th day of classes for the fall and spring terms.

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