Institutional Research Report Guide

Report Name

Degrees Awarded


The Degrees Awarded report shows the number of degrees/awards conferred from the University level. There are three elements to the report: by degree level, by undergraduate degree abbreviation, and by graduate degree abbreviation.

Students that complete a double major will only count as one degree completed from St. Cloud State. A student can only earn one degree abbreviation. For example, a student that completes the Mathematics BS and the Statistics BS only earns one degree, a Bachelors of Science. However, the student did complete two majors which is reflected in the Majors Completed report.


Location and Access

Reports for the past five years are open to the public and can be viewed in the Overall Enrollment section on the Institutional Research website at

Users with access to SAMS can view the Degrees Awarded report under Institutional Capacity.

Business Logic

[ISRS_DEGREE].[INST_ID] = "91001365"

[ISRS_DEGREE].[YRTR] = "Desired Term(s)"

Data Sources


Update Schedule

This report is released in late June following the conclusion of the spring term. The SAMS report is updated daily.

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