Institutional Research Report Guide

Report Name

Total Enrollment Profiles


The Total Enrollment Profile reports are generated for both fall and spring terms after the 30th day of classes for each term. Contained in these reports are basic demographic data about all students enrolled at St. Cloud State.

  • Ethnicity/Race
  • Gender
  • Enrollment status
  • Resident status
  • New student status
  • Enrollment level
  • Age

Only students enrolled in one or more credits are counted. High school students enrolled for St. Cloud State credits are counted. Intensive English Center (IEC) students that are only enrolled in zero credit courses are not counted.


Location and Access

Reports for the past five years are open to the public and can be viewed in the Overall Enrollment section on the Institutional Research website at

Users with access to SAMS can view a fall report and a spring report under Institutional Capacity titled 5-Year Fall Enrollment and 5-Year Spring Enrollment. These reports allow the user to select additional record types, which include 10th day and Final day in addition to 30th day.

Business Logic

[ISRS_ST_TERM_DATA].[RECORD_TYPE] = R (30th day record type)


[ISRS_ST_TERM_DATA].[YRTR] = “Desired Term”

Data Sources



Update Schedule

These reports are released the day after the 30th day of classes for the fall and spring terms.

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