Institutional Research Report Guide

Report Name

Declared and Intended Majors


The Declared and Intended Majors report generates the number of students enrolled for each major, both intended and declared, as of the 30th day of classes for each term.

Students with an intended major have indicated an interest in a major, typically on the application for admission, but have not been formally admitted to a major.

Students admitted to a major have applied and have meet the requirmenets to be admitted to that individual major.



Location and Access

Reports for the past five years are open to the public and can be viewed in the College/School Enrollment section on the Institutional Research website at

Users with access to SAMS can view the report titled Declared and Intended Majors under Rigorous Programs. These reports allow the user to filter by organizational structure, intended or declared, year, term type (fall or spring).

Business Logic

[ISRS_ST_TERM_DATA].[RECORD_TYPE] = R (30th day record type)


[ISRS_ST_TERM_DATA].[YRTR] = “Desired Term”

[ISRS_ST_MAJOR].[EFFECTIVE_YRTR] <= "Desired Term" (this filters out students who have been admitted to a major for a future term)

[ISRS_ST_MAJOR].[BEGIN_DATE] <= "30th Day of desired term"

[ISRS_ST_MAJOR].[END_DATE] >= "30th Day of desired term"

Data Sources



Update Schedule

These reports are released the day after the 30th day of classes for the fall and spring terms.

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