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Liberal Education Program Dashboard


The Liberal Education Program dashboard allows users to view courses offered with the number of students enrolled, number of seats remaining, the max size of the course, and the percent of seats remaining, grouped by the Liberal Education Program goal area. The dashboard can be filtered by term and instructional type.

There are two reports within the dashboard: Curriculum MN Goal and Curriculum MN Goal by Subject Course. By clicking on a goal area on the left-hand side report, the Subject Course report will update with courses that fall under that goal area.


For more information on the Liberal Education Program, click here.


IMPORTANT: Be sure to select the appropriate instruction type.

Location and Access

This report is only available in SAMS.

Users with access to SAMS can view this report under Institutional Capacity.

Business Logic

[ISRS_CT_COU].[YRTR] = "Specified term"

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This report is updated daily.

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