Institutional Research Report Guide

Report Name

International Student Enrollment


The International Student Enrollment report displays the 30th day headcount enrollment of both undergraduate and graduate international students. Students with a citizenship of Non-Resident Alien are considered international students. All other citizenship codes are considered domestic, including Resident Alien and Refugee/Asylee.

Only students enrolled in one or more credits are counted. International students enrolled in the Intensive English Center in zero credit courses are not included.


Location and Access

This report is open to the public and can be viewed in the Overall Enrollment section on the Institutional Research website at

Business Logic

[ISRS_ST_TERM_DATA].[RECORD_TYPE] = R (30th day record type)


[ISRS_ST_TERM_DATA].[YRTR] = “Desired Term”


Data Sources


Update Schedule

This report is released after the 30th day of classes of the fall term.

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