Institutional Research Report Guide

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FYE by Course Section


The FYE by Course Section report displays the FYE generated for each course, down to the section, for the past five years. Users can filter this report by:

  • College/School
  • Undergraduate/graduate
  • Fiscal year
  • Term type (summer/fall/spring)

Currently, this report includes all delivery methods and locations (including Senior to Sophomore).

It's important to note that the FYE generated is directly linked to the course subject's department and not necessarily the cost center.

FYE is the sum of undergraduate credits divided by 30 plus the sum of graduate credits divided by 20. For more information on FYE, click here.

Keywords: Fiscal Year, FYE, Delivery Method, Senior to Sophomore

Location and Access

This report is only available in SAMS.

Users with access to SAMS can view the FYE by Course Section report under Institutional Capacity.

Business Logic

This report uses the ODS_CT_ST_MULTIYEAR table.

[ODS_CT_ST_MULTIYEAR].[YRTR] = "desired term"

To generate the FYE based on credits, the following expressions are used.

UG_FYE: Sum([UG_CRHR]/30)

GR_FYE: Sum([GR_CRHR]/20)

Data Sources


Update Schedule

This report is updated daily.

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