PCIP Manual

Student Support & Administrative Units

A. Annual Planning and Performance Measurement Expectations

Consistent with the annual planning expectations in the PCIP, student support and administrative units are expected to engage in annual planning and performance review activities that include an assessment of performance based on established department goals and outcomes.

At the beginning of each planning cycle, the University will provide an annual work plan template, along with performance data via the University Dashboard. Departments/offices will use the University Annual Work Plan template and their own strategic plan, assessment, evaluation, and planning data as the basis for the annual work planning within their unit.

Each department will develop a set of annual work plans, one for the current fiscal year (AWP) and one for the next fiscal year (AWP+1) using the template provided (Appendix XX). Areas to be included are:

  • analysis of data available
  • progress on Improvement Project (see below)
  • the area’s planned initiatives for that fiscal year, such as implementation of specific assessment or evaluation results
  • how those initiatives support the major unit/university strategic plans
  • expected outcomes from those initiatives, including a measurement plan
  • estimated resource implications (revenues and/or expenses) for initiatives

During September, the supervising Vice President will meet with each department/office to review annual plans and performance data. Departments/programs will incorporate feedback from their Vice President into planning documents and submit final documents to the Vice President.

Based on department/office planning documents and major unit-level strategic initiatives, the Vice President will prepare Unit planning documents for submission to the President. Any resource requests related to the planning documents should be submitted at that time.