PCIP Manual

Alignment with Higher Learning Commission

St. Cloud State University’s Integrated Planning & Continuous Improvement Process is designed to support successful alignment with the criteria and expectation of the Higher Learning Commission, SCSU’s regional accreditor. According to the HLC: “Regional accreditation as carried out by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) assures quality by verifying that an institution (1) meets threshold standards and (2) is engaged in continuous improvement.” Similarly, the IPCI process is designed to ensure the rigor, relevance and quality of our academic, student-support and administrative programs and services and to work toward continuous improvement of these programs as our students and external demands evolve. Consistent with the HLC’s Open Pathway process, the IPCI process will contain both a quality assurance component and a continuous improvement component. The Program Review self-study and report aligns with the HLC’s Assurance Process, including the expectation of evidence from assessment and evaluation, to support the arguments made in the self-study. The annual planning and reporting cycle supports the HLC’s Improvement Process, including the articulation of improvement initiatives in the annual planning documents, as identified through the assessment and evaluation.