Planning and Continuous Improvement Process (PCIP) (Program Review)

Expenses and available funding

Believe it or not, there are rules about what the University will cover. They are roughly the same for both the PCIP process (aka Program Review) and Accreditation:

Departments are responsible for:

  • Providing documents, such as the university catalog, relevant brochures, and the self-study report to reviewers (translation: printing and binding costs).
  • Food for faculty and staff at any events during the site visit (NOTE: this requires the submission and approval of a Special Expense Form to cover costs). Programs can, however, use their foundation funds without the need for a Special Expense Form.
  • Postage

Dean’s offices are responsible for:

  • Annual dues to accrediting bodies
  • Faculty reassignment for self-study work

The University Program Review Office will cover the direct expenses:

  • Travel for site visit (air, hotel, food, etc.)
  • Regional/National Meetings. NOTE: only if the accrediting agency requires attendance. This does not apply to Program Review.
  • Accrediting body fees due at the time of accreditation (over and above annual dues, which are paid by the Deans).
  • Honorariums for reviewers. NOTE: Program Review only unless an honorarium is included in the accrediting body invoice.  

Please contact the University Program Review office and/or the Contract Specialist in Business Services for additional information on current funding and travel policies.