Planning and Continuous Improvement Process (PCIP) (Program Review)

Program Review is now called the “Planning and Continuous Improvement Process” (PCIP). The new process is based upon current, best practices that are being implemented across the U.S.

The purpose of the Planning & Continuous Improvement Process (PCIP) is to create a more systematic, coordinated and comprehensive approach to planning and improvement throughout the university. The strategies, initiatives and outcomes that are generated and assessed as the result of this process will allow SCSU to achieve our mission, vision and strategic objectives, align across operational units, make strategic choices about our resource allocation and report on outcomes and achievements to our external constituents.

The following information is available:

PCIP Manual

The whole kit and caboodle. The table of contents page is interactive, allowing you to view and download each section, or, if you prefer, you can down load the entire manual.


Three variants are available:


The following forms are available for reference::


The rules and regulations about departmental, college or school, and university obligations.