Diversity Plan

A comprehensive diversity plan that is the result of community conversation and consensus has the potential to alter the culture, climate and character of both our learning community and the surrounding community.

 This diversity plan continues the efforts of countless individuals, groups, committees and task forces committed to supporting diversity in all its richness over many years of history at St. Cloud State. It is intended as a dynamic plan, a blueprint for continuing our evolution and guiding our actions as a University. It will be a roadmap for change that integrates with the University’s strategic and academic plan, keeping us moving forward with clear goals and resolve to remain vigilant in our efforts to make St. Cloud State more than the best comprehensive university in the Upper Midwest, recognized by our peers as a leader in our region. We will aspire to excel at being the university that embraces its diversity and its role as an engine for social change and growth in our region as well as on our campus. Ideally, this plan will inform all we do at St. Cloud State and become an integral part of our future, recognizing that diversity is broader than race/ethnicity and gender and recognizing that people of many different identities feel discriminated against in various ways.


St Cloud State University Diversity Plan 2012 (pdf)

Diversity Task Force - Report Letter to President (pdf)