Community of Scholars

Vision & Implementation Plan


As a community of scholars, St. Cloud State University will:

Recognize scholarship as central to our mission

Our university will value, reward, and celebrate scholarship, and regard successful scholarship as a contribution to our entire community.  Our most active and influential scholars will be recognized as leaders in our community, and we will offer the intellectual work of our campus as evidence of our excellence among our peers. Our university will promote the importance of scholarship in the educational experience of our undergraduate and graduate students, and we will engage our students with faculty scholarship whenever possible.

Promote scholarship in service to our community

Our university will strategically support scholarly projects that improve our region, our understanding of it, and the quality of life of its residents while, at the same time, respecting the scholarship of faculty who choose different communities to  serve. 

Uphold academic practices that support graduate and undergraduate education

Our university will foster the practices and kinds of scholarship that support education at both the graduate and undergraduate levels with graduate assistantships and the assignment of workload consistent with best practices for graduate and undergraduate education..

Support forms of scholarship that fulfill our public mission and our role as a state comprehensive university

Our university will accept scholarship as broadly defined by Boyer.  Our scholarship portfolio will reflect the disciplinary differences of our faculty and our mission as a state comprehensive university.