St. Cloud State University
Strategic Planning Committee Minutes
February 9, 2006

Members (Bold if present):  Addo, Edward; Burgeson, John C.; Burlison, Diana; Carlson, Debra; Condon, Frankie; Day, Annette; DeGroote, David; Fisher, Theresia; Foss, Lisa; Grachek Sara; Kasi, Balasubramanian; Kilborn, Judith; Krueger, Patricia; Leigh, Debra; Li, Guihua; Litterst, Judith; Motin Susan; Nook, Mark; Palmer, John; Saffari, Mahmoud; Schoenberger, Annette; Sikes, David; Thorson, Philip; Turkowski, Adelaide; Voelz, Neal; Wentworth, Brenda; (25 – 13 quorum)

Call to order

Convened as a full committee at 10:30 a.m.

Discussion of Technology KPIs

TLTR and TPR met and based on comments from these committees, Phil and Annette made changes to the Draft Technology PIs.

Included in data source – other numbers but not PI so in data source.

No diversity of technology is reflected in PI – somehow need to get it in there. E.g. presentational software and hardware. Some need to take care of their own chalk.

Separate item under 1st and 2nd goals – non-computer technology.

Goals should reflect ways of thinking and ways of gathering information. Informational literacy is different than using technology. It’s thinking skills.

Students will demonstrate informational and technology literacy by… acquire information, critically evaluate, disseminate information to appropriate audience. Data source: General Ed Assessment.

Number of Electronic Classrooms with flexible design. Rather than face forward lecture styles. Technology in classrooms are adaptable to a variety of designs. # of pedagogical approaches.

Is it appropriate and available?

If reasonably good assessment data on student work then we’re doing stuff right.

What kind of articles are people doing? Employees will demonstrate information and technology literacy then…

Susan and John volunteered to be on the Technology Subcommittee.